Frequently Asked Questions
About Near East Bank

For all loan applications, you can contact us from the branches of Near East Bank, our Call Center 444 0 632, our WhatsApp line 0542 880 06 32, Internet Banking, Near East Mobile, Near East Bank Facebook page and by sending email to

You can find out the results of your applications by calling our branches or our Call Center.

If your loan application is accepted then you can use your loan immediately.


You can withdraw money from our domestic ATM's or on all ATM's of other banks with CardPlus logo. You can use your Credit Card as a Debit card by changing your credit card to your current account at any time.

You can make installment on the transaction via SMS. Write the amount of installment and write 'installment' next to it without leaving any spaces. Leave a space and write the 6-digit confirmation code on the slip you want to install (for example;3INTSTALLMENTS 123456), send the SMS to 5000, so you can easily appy and install your purchases.


Click here to view our ATM locations.

You can use all our ATMs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Digital Banking

With the Near East Mobile Banking application, we offer a banking experience suitable for your mobile device. You can start using our banking service by downloading our application prepared for your device from Apple Store and Google Play Store.

With the Near East Mobile Banking application; You can; perform your banking transactions whenever and wherever you want, access Financial Services and Product-Campaign information such as Personal Loans, Funds, Foreign Currency Calculations, Interest and Exchange Rate Follow-ups, and find Near East Bank Branches and ATMs closest to you.

In order to use Near East Mobile Banking, you must download the application from Apple Store or Google Play Strore.

You can use the Near East Mobile Banking application wherever you can connect to the internet from your mobile device.

Whether they are a Near East Bank customer or not, everyone can benefit from the Financial Services included in the Near East Mobile Banking application; But in order to use the services of Near East Mobile, you must be a Near East Bank customer.


You can learn from logging into Internet Banking or call 444 0 632 by giving your ID number.

Your ID card is sufficient to open an account from all our branches.

Documents required for credit card; copy of your ID card, residence document and statement of your salary are sufficient.

You can allocate Near East Bank cheque using Vakıfbank in Turkey