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One card for your
company’s expenses

We control all your spendings for your company. By taking all your spendings under control, and 100% trust and controls you can make your company profit day by day. By the end of the month, you can easily organize your expenses to be included in your accounting.

You have the opportunity to shop domestic and foreign with a Visa and/or Mastercard logo, and withdraw money from our domestic ATM's or on all ATM's of other banks with CardPlus logo. You can take advantage of the ability to use your Credit Card as a Debit card by changing your CardPlus credit card to your drawing account at any time.

You can apply to Business Card by clicking the Apply Now link, and you can make your application without going to the branch.

If you are not a customer of Near East Bank yet, just visit the nearest Near East Bank Branch!

The features of
Business Card

It is a card prepared for the company representative in order to meet your needs for travel, accommodation, hospitality and company for your commercial purchases.
Offering the possibility of installment, Business Card does not earn PlusPoints for purchases. Cannot draw cash advance / installment advance.

Things to know about
Business Card

  • Company documents
  • Master aggrement and regulation
  • Company documents set of 4 approvals
  • Identity card / copy of passport
  • Certificate of residence
  • Payroll

Annual Membership Fee Supplementary Card Annual Fee Minimum Payment Amount Cash Withdrawal Interest Cash Withdrawal Comission Overdraft Interest Transaction Interest Default Interest Cash Advance Fee
90 TL 90 TL 1% 1,50% 9% 1,50% 1,50% 1,50% 5% + 3TL

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