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Home Insurance

Secure your home and belongings against various negativities like possible earthquakes, fire, theft and flooding. Take your home under protection with the personalized Home Insurance.

The assurances of
Home Insurance

Fire, Lightning, Explosion
Internal Water
Land Vehicles Crash
AirCrafts Crash
Water Crafts Crash
Debris Removal Expenses
Fire Financial Liability (neighborhood and tenancy / owner liability)
Loss of Rent
Alternative Residence Change Costs
Strike, Lockout, Riot, Civil Commotions, Malicious Acts, Terror
Earthquake and Volcano Eruption
Electronic Device
Machinery Breakdown
Glass Breakage
Personal Accident
Liability Against Third Parties
Abuse of Confidence
Cash and valuables
Payment Guarantee from its New Value
Fixed Installation Theft
Decoration Guarantee (for Tenants)
No-Claim Discount
Valuable Article
Cash and Valuable Papers
Insulation Costs
Food Spoilage due to EEI (Electronic Equipment Insurance)

Things to know about
Home Insurance

  • It will be sufficient to visit our nearest branch and sign the relevant transaction document.
  • After your application is completed, the Near East Bank Customer Representative will return to you.
  • You can apply for the insurance immediately and complete your transactions easily.d make yourself comfortable. You can easily apply from our Call Center at 444 0 632, WhatsApp line 0542 880 06 32, Internet Banking, Near East Mobile, Near East Bank Facebook page, by contacting us on iletisim@neareastbank.com or from our branches.

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