Valentines Day Loan
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For your short-term needs in your special gift purchases for February
Your Valentine's Day Loan is at Near East Bank

Your Valentine's Day loan from Near East Bank, which you can use for your Valentine's Day shopping such as gold, diamonds, clothing, restaurant or flower expenses and other short-term needs, is now ready!

Near East Bank Valentine's Day loan is now waiting for you with an interest rate starting from 2.33% per month and a payment term of up to 36 months.

For our customers who apply for the Valentine's Day Loan, we offer the Affordable Health Coverage as a gift, which includes inpatient treatment coverage up to TL 20,000, coverage for heavy costs that may arise in emergencies, and coverage for your healthcare expenses in all contracted and non-contracted institutions in Turkey and abroad within the scope of the coverage limits.

In addition, 10 couples who will apply for Valentine's Day Loan will be gifted with Dinner and Accommodation at Mimoza Beach Hotel and Dorana Hotel!

The deadline for application is February 14, 2023... Apply without any delay and spend your loan with love!

Features of
Valentines Day Loan

36-Month Term
Instant solution for gift shopping and your short-term needs
Hotel accommodation and dinner as a prize for 10 couples who apply for a loan
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15.000 TL 20.000 TL 25.000 TL

Things to know about
Valentines Day Loan

  • Solve your urgent cash needs with your low interest rate loan.
  • Access your loan easily with a swift approval process.
  • Pay up to 36 months without worrying about your instalments thanks to the payment term option up to 36 months.
  • Benefit from the special Valentine's Day hotel accommodation and dinner gift campaign.
  • Identity Card of the applicant and guarantors or a photocopy of the passport which will be taken by showing the original.
  • Certificate of residence or an official document registered in the name of the customer (electricity or municipal utility bill, etc.)
  • Income certificate
  • Within the framework of the Consumers Loan Act (Act No. 31/2020);
  • Consumers Loan Preliminary Information Form (Annex 1)
  • Payment Plan for Instalment Loan (Annex 2)
  • will be delivered to the customer in return for a signature confirming that they have been delivered.
  • We will contact you back within 1 week from the moment you sign the required documents and submit them to the Near East Bank Customer Representative
Filing Fee
Interest Rate

Apply for Valentine's Day loan,
let us contribute to your gift shopping!

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