About Near East Bank

Introducing Us

With its total assets of 1.9 billion dollars in 2018, the Near East Group operating in sectors of Education, Finance, Health and Tourism, take justified pride in being the largest Private Institution of TRNC with more than 6.000 employees. Established 18 years ago as part of the Near East Group, the Near East Bank continues to increase its market share in all fields it operates through the efficient and sustainable growth strategy it adopts. Competent and dynamic human resources; products and services offered without sacrificing quality; the customer oriented service approach it has, create a difference and carry Near East forward day by day within the TRNC banking sector. Achieving the highest growth in its balance sheet assets among the local banks in TRNC, makes Near East known Worldwide and the “Bank of Continentals living on the Island” with the successful, sound and stable graphic and the expansion policy it has put forth. Furthermore, Near East Bank also has the honour of being the first TRNC Bank which received a permit from the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) to open a Representation agency in Turkey.

Social Responsibility

Since the day it was established, the Near East Bank assumes its social responsibility through projects it supports in various fields such as education, culture and arts, and sports. Basis of the social responsibility concept of the Near East Bank is the responsibility feeling it has towards its social stakeholders composed of its shareholders, employees, customers, civil society organisations, the Near East University and the media. We do not only reflect the expectations of our customers in all our business processes as the Near East Bank but also create social responsibility projects to be supported according to these expectations.


The Near East Bank with a total of 245 employees as of September 2018 continues to increase its creative and dynamic human resources day by day. While 37% of the employee profile are men, 63% are women. 57% of the overall employee profile of the Near East Bank which attaches importance to having qualified staff, hold Bachelor's degrees and 13% hold post graduate degrees. 2% of the employees are foreign citizens, and 33% of them have been working at the Bank for more than 5 years. 40% of the employee profile of the Near East Bank which has dynamic and young human resources are below the age of 30.

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