About Near East Bank

Introducing Us

Near East Group is proud of being the largest private institution in the TRNC with 7,200 personnel, operating in the fields of Education, Finance, Health, Industry, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Tourism, Culture and Arts and having total assets of 2.10 billion dollars in 2020.

Near East Bank was founded 25 years ago as part of the Near East Group and today continues to increase its market share in all areas of activity thanks to the efficient and sustainable growth strategy effectively implemented since its establishment. With its competent and dynamic human resources that make a difference, products and services offered without sacrificing quality and the customer-centric approach it adopts, Near East Bank moves forward in the TRNC banking sector day by day.

Social Responsibility

Since the day Near East Bank was founded, we have been fulfilling our responsibilities to society with projects we support in different fields such as education, culture-arts and sports.

At the basis of the social responsibility understanding of Near East Bank lies the responsibility towards our shareholders, employees, customers, non-governmental organizations, Near East University and the media's social stakeholders.

As Near East Bank, we reflect the expectations of our customers in all our business processes, and we create our social responsibility projects that we will support in line with these expectations.


Near East Bank, which reached a total of 289 personnel as of September 2020, continues to increase its creative and dynamic human resources on an ongoing basis. 35% of our employees are male and 65% female.

Near East Bank attaches utmost importance to quality and qualified personnel. Currently, 61% of our staff have undergraduate degrees while 12% have post graduate degrees. 48% of the staff have been working with us for more than 5 years and 2% are foreign nationals.

Near East Bank, with 40% of its employees under the age of 30, has a dynamic and young human resource.

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