Critical Illness Insurance
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Don’t Worry About Your Budget in Unexpected Diseases.
Critical Illness Insurance

Includes Loss of Life and dangerous diseases coverage. In case the insured is exposed to one or more of the diseases defined as Critical diseases such as Cancer, Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack), Stroke (Stroke), Coronary By-Pass Surgery, Renal Failure, Vital Organ Transplantation, Blindness and loss of limb and whose scope is specified, the insurance guarantees the payment of the indemnity amount specified in the policy to the insured or legal right holders. In addition, domestic emergency medical aid and ambulance expenses are also covered by the coverage.

The Assurances of
Critical Illness Insurance

The insured who applies for the first time must be between the ages of 18 and at most 60.
Coverages are valid all over the world.
You can choose your coverages indexed to TL, USD, EUR or GBP.
The coverage of the insured defined by this contract starts 6 months after the date of registration of the insured, except for cases caused by an accident.
In case of suffer from more than one disease, only one disease is paid.
In addition, domestic emergency medical aid and ambulance expenses are also covered by the coverage.
In order to be entitled to compensation, the insured must have survived for 21 days from the date of diagnosis. If the insured passes away within this period, no compensation will be paid.

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Critical Illness Insurance

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