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Comprehensive Insurance secures your vehicle and your budget. In case of accident and damage, you do not have to bear big costs with comprehensive insurance!

Risks taken under guarantee;

* Crashing of the vehicle to the motor vehicle and non-motorized vehicles that can be used on the road. Accidents such as crashing of an object to the vehicle as a result of sudden or exterior impact out of insured or driver's will or crashing of the vehicle to a stable or moving object, rollover, fall or roll of the vehicle, both in motion or stopping.

* The actions of third parties with malicious intent or prank,

* Burning of the vehicle,

* Stealing of vehicle or attempting to be stolen

The Advantages of
Comprehensive Insurance

Auto Assistance Services
Tow Truck Service: Tow truck service is provided in case of malfunction or accident. You can request a tow tractor from 444 0 637. This service is used only once a year in vehicles over the age of 10, and a maximum of 3 times in vehicles under the age o
Courtesy Car Service: In case of accidents and repairs exceeding 48 hours, a replacement vehicle shall be provided for 10 days per incident and a maximum of 2 times a year, in order not to exceed the repair time approved by the expert or notified by the
Mini Repair Service: It is the service provided without opening the file in small-scale damages that do not affect the insured's no claim's.
Only crash-collision and combustion guarantees are valid for Southern Cyprus.
Up to 6 installments can be paid from the credit card by an installment order.
25% of the amount can be paid in advance, the rest can be divided into 5 equal installments.

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Comprehensive Insurance

  • It will be sufficient to visit our nearest branch and sign the relevant transaction document.
  • After your application is completed, the Near East Bank Customer Representative will return to you.
  • You can apply for the insurance immediately and complete your transactions easily. You can easily apply from our Call Center at 444 0 632, WhatsApp line 0542 880 06 32, Internet Banking, Near East Mobile, Near East Bank Facebook page, by contacting us on or from our branches.

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