DCD Transactions

Get Higher Return on Deposit
DCD Transactions

Due to DCD (Dual Currency Deposit) Transactions, you can have the chance to get higher returns from your deposits. In DCD transactions, you can decide the exchange rate and maturity, and also you can set a rate according to your own prediction.

In addition to your deposit interest, if the market rate is below the rate you set at the specified date, you earn for example, 3% more interest. If the exchange rate is above the level you have determined on the specified date, we give your dcd interest and convert your currency into TL at the rate you have previously determined, and give you your capital in TL. (There is a capital risk in this product).

The Advantages of
DCD Transactions

Balances in overnight time deposit accounts provide the opportunity to draw / invest balance during the day.
It provides investors with the opportunity to earn returns on their current accounts.
Since it is a time deposit account type, it is not subject to fees such as account management fees as in demand accounts.

Things to know about
DCD Transactions

  • It will be sufficient to visit our nearest branch and sign the relevant transaction document.
  • Right after the necessary documents are signed and submitted to the Near East Bank Customer Respresentative, you will be informed about your application within a week.

In DCD transactions, you can decide
the exchange rate and maturity.

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