DBS-Direct Debiting System

Tahsilatınızı Kontrol Altında Tutan
DBS-Doğrudan Borçlandırma Sistemi

Direct Debiting System (DDS) enables a company (the parent company) that sells goods / services to a large number of customers / dealers to automatically collect the receivables arising from this relationship through an Information Communication Network to be established by the bank. This system is a collection and payment system that allows customers / dealers to make their payments easily from their own accounts or by using funds from the bank within a defined DDS limit.

The receivables of the companies arising from the sales of goods and services are automatically taken from the current deposits or accounts of the company's dealers and transferred to the company accounts via special software provided by the Bank on the dates determined by the company (invoice return).

With this system, in order to facilitate and accelerate all kinds of borrowing, checks, letters of guarantee, etc. Debt collection is carried out electronically instead of debt instruments.

The transactions are carried out through the invoice relations established between the dealer and the parent company. And the parent company collects its term receivables from its dealers or customers in line with the invoice information with DBS with and without credit.

As all collection flows are managed systematically, great convenience is provided for both the dealer and the parent company.

The Features of
Direct Debiting System

Collections can be tracked and controlled instantly via the Internet Branch.
The customer can save any number of future invoice collection transactions in the system within the buyer's limit.
It eliminates the labor and time loss to be brought by following the letter of guarantee, check and limit.
It provides the opportunity to monitor the cash flow precisely and properly.
When due, payments are made completely free of charge.
Since a letter of guarantee is not required for the purchase of goods to the seller company, the costs of the letter of guarantee commissions or other guarantees given to the company are eliminated.
Workload caused by check follow-ups and the risks of unpaid checks are eliminated.
The allocated loan provides to overcome the temporary cash shortages smoothly.
Under the commitment of the Near East Bank, it can purchase goods from vendors at a more favorable cost and quantity on a term basis.

Things to know about
Direct Debiting System

  • Tax Regsitration Certificate
  • Corporation ByLaw
  • Company Approval Set (not more than 3 months)
  • Company partners, secretary and director identity copies
  • Company balance sheet and trial balance (last 3 years)
  • Signing the request form for the Central Bank Risk Inquiry
  • Board of Directors Decision
  • If a real estate mortgage is to be taken, the photocopy of the Real Estate Deed
  • If a vehicle pledge is to be taken, a photocopy of the Vehicle Deed