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CardPlus Credit Card

Instead of using cash, you can earn points while shopping with Cardplus Credit Card. Cardplus serves as Installment Cash Advance, Sales, Installment Sales, Debit sales and Points sales and allows you to shop anywhere in Turkey and abroad with Visa and/or mastercard logo, and also it provides the opportunity to withdraw money from all ATMs and from all ATM's of other banks with CardPlus logo.

You can take advantage of the ability to use your Credit Card as a Debit card by changing your CardPlus credit card to your drawing account at any time.

This card is offered to the customer with charge and is included in all campaigns.

(Valentine's Day, Magazine Campaign, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Ramadan, Eid Qurban, Installment campaigns etc.)

In addition, customer driven non-commissionable 2 installments and International installments can be make.

The features of
CardPlus Credit Card

CardPlus is a credit card that allows you to shop and earn points not only in TRNC but also in 24 million 600 thousand points of the world.

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to all your needs with its features.

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Things to know about
CardPlus Credit Card

  • Original and photocopy of ID Card or Passport
  • Residence document or official document registered on behalf of the customer (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.)
  • Income certificate (depending on company approval documents and 3-year financial data if its own business)
Annual Membership Fee Supplementary Card Annual Fee Minimum Payment Amount Cash Withdrawal Interest Cash Withdrawal Comission Overdraft Interest Transaction Interest Default Interest Cash Advance Fee
90 TL 90 TL 5% 1,50% 9% 1,50% 1,50% 1,50% 5% + 3TL

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