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Be faster and more reliable with MoneyGram money transfer transactions!

MoneyGram provides fast money transfer services to more than 350,000 agencies in 200 different countries around the world.

With MoneyGram, one of the best in money transfer around the world, you can send your money quickly and reliably. Visit our branches immediately to transfer money with MoneyGram.

Things to know about

  • Get the 8-digit reference number from the person sending you money.
  • Visit any of Near East Bank Branch with your ID card and reference number.
  • After you fill out the Moneygram form and show your ID card, you can receive your money.
  • Visit any of Near East Bank Branch with your ID card.
  • Fill in the Moneygram money transfer form and give the amount of money you want to send and the Moneygram fee to the responsible person. You can also leave a personal 10-word message.
  • Take the 8-digit reference number created specifically for you.
  • Transfer the 8-digit reference number to the person you want to send the money to.
  • To get more detailed information about MoneyGram, click here.