Vision and Values

Our Vision
To be the bank of choice in the TRNC.


Our Mission
To be a highly dependable, innovative bank that provides outstanding customer service; and is continually providing real value to both customer and employee in a sustainable manor.


Our Values

  • Our Customers
  • Reliabality
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Quality Services
  • Consistency and Sustainability
  • Our Employees
  • Social Responsibility


Our Strategic Priorities are to

  • Meet the standards demanded by our customers above and beyond their expectations
  • Provide a fair working system which protects the interests of our customers and employees
  • Abide by the laws and regulations
  • Move with technological developments and innovation
  • Provide a fast, acculturate, trustworthy and reliable service
  • Strive for a consistent, stable and above all sustainable growth strategy
  • Endeavour to provide real benefit to the community and natural environment of the TRNC