Gold Account

Evaluate Your Gold with
Gold Account

Near East Bank Gold Account is for those who want to consider their savings as gold. Keep safe your gold savings for your future with the Gold Account.

As if buying / selling foreign currency; You can easily invest in gold on a gram basis, without the risk of loss, steal, low grammages, and you can add more value to your gold by evaluating your gold investments in a term deposit or current account.

You can get interest yield with the time deposit gold account You can safely save gold without the risk of being stolen. You will not encounter situations such as low grammages of gold, base or or old-dated gold. You can generate income from the rise of gold in the market. You do not have to pay workmanship cost.

The advantages of
Gold Account

Gold buying and selling transaction can be made in exchange for TL, GBP, EUR and USD.
Gold transfer on a gram basis can be made between current accounts or time deposit accounts in our bank.
The customer who has purchased the gold, can also prefer the term of the account starting monthly up to yearly basis.

Things to know about
Gold Account

  • Original and photocopy of ID Card or Passport
  • Residence document or official document registered on behalf of the customer (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.)
  • Right after the necessary documents are signed and submitted to the Near East Bank Customer Respresentative, you will be informed about your application within a week.
  • The minimum gold buying and selling amount is 50 gr. You can open time deposit gold account for at least 100gr.

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