Assistant General Manager
Cafer Lale

Cafer Lale began his banking career in 1987 at İş Bank Turkey in the External Affairs Department, The first four years was as a clerk followed by five years in low level management. He was an International Banking trainee at İş Bank Turkey London Branch for 6 months in 1994.

In 1997 he was promoted to senior management postion as Deputy Manager and then Group Manager at the Fund Management department. He was managing Cash Movements, TL and FC Payment Systems, Foreign Currency and Cash Transactions, TL and FC Position Management, Inter Bank Transactions and International Banking Transactions.

He then went on to be a Branch Manager of the flagship branch in Istanbul between 2004-2011 after which and left İş Bank Turkey and joined Near East Bank as the Credit Manager. Cafer Lale currently serves as the Credits Group Manager. Cafer Lale is married and has three children, and speaks English.