13. Salary Loan
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13. Salary Loan

Near East Bank müşterisi olan Kamu görevlileri ve Kamudan emeklilere yönelik olarak hazırladığımız 13. Maaş Kredinizi, Aralık ayını beklemeden şimdiden kullanabilirsiniz..

Near East Bank 13. Maaş Kredisi ile faizsiz, taksitsiz ve kefile gerek duymadan kolay, basit ve avantajlı bir şekilde ihtiyaçlarınızı Near East Bank güvencesinde karşılayabilirsiniz.

Features of
13. Salary Loan

No Interest
No Installment
Direct Loan
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15.000 TL 20.000 TL 25.000 TL

Things to know about
13. Salary Loan

  • Original or photocopy of identity card or passport
  • Certificate of residence or official document registered in the name of the customer (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.)
  • Our customers, whose state salary (civil servant + SS. salary) has been directed to us, will also be able to directly benefit from this campaign.
  • Dual national customers do not need to sign a Bill.
  • Customers whose salary does not come to our bank:
  • 13. Official document stating that the salary will be paid from our bank (Applications can be evaluated in this way from State employees whose salaries do not come to our bank, and from Gönyeli Municipality, since the Treasury-Finance and Social Security Department did not provide this letter (EXCEPT).) Letters will be requested from the institutions.
  • We deliver the necessary documents to the Near East Bank Customer Representative and get back to you within 1 week from the moment you sign the documents.
Set Fee
1.000 - 2.000 TL 200 TL
2.001 - 3.000 TL 300 TL
3.001 - 4.000 TL 400 TL
4.001 - 5.000 TL 500 TL
5.001 - 6.000 TL 600 TL
6.001 - 7.000 TL 700 TL
7.001 - 8.000 TL 800 TL

  • 80 TL Credit Life Insurance will be made separately from the commission.

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without waiting December.

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