Agricultural Equipment Support Loan
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Agricultural Equipment Support Loan
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Near East Bank continues to stand by agricultural enterprises, and has prepared a brand new loan for agricultural teams that may be the needs of production and post-production enterprises in order to promote industrialization in agriculture on our island. Agricultural Equipment Support Loan prepared with a flexible payment term feature of up to 60 months and a disbursement amount up to TL 500,000; Supply of tractors, combine harvester, harvester, plow, disc harrow and lawn mower used in the establishment of agricultural machinery. Construction of barns / barns; milk cooling tank, purchase of various equipment; Various expenses related to beekeeping; It covers all your operating equipment including solar, wind, biogas investments proportional to the needs of the business.

What are the advantages of
Agricultural Equipment Support Loan?

Maximum maturity until 60 months.
The maximum utilization amount of 500.000 TL.
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15.000 TL 20.000 TL 25.000 TL

Things to know about
Agricultural Equipment Support Loan

  • The original and photocopy of the ID card or passport of the applicant and guarantors.
  • Certificate of residence or official document registered in the name of the customer (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.).
  • Income certificate
  • Certificate of Obligation (Tax Board),
  • Signature Circulars,
  • A set of approval from the Company's Authority (dated 15 days)
  • The above documents will also be requested from the guarantors in cases where a surety is required.

We deliver the required documents to the Near East Bank Customer Representative and return to you within 1 week from the moment you sign the documents.

Filing Fee
Interest Rate
0-12 2% 27,00%
12-24 27,25%
25-36 27,50%
37-48 27,75%
49-60 28,00%
  • Stamp cost
  • File expense
  • Risk investigation fee will be paid in advance.
  • According to age, annual or all cash life insurance is mandatory.

Are you interested in Agricultural Equipment Support Loan?
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Are you interested in Agricultural Equipment Support Loan?
calculate now.

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