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Take out a General Health Insurance, do not be caught unprepared the risks you may confront. Do not let your budget be strained in cases where the fatigue and stress that your busy daily life brings to you as a health problem.

The promising peace and forward thinking General Health Insurance with unlimited inpatient treatment advantages, different plan applications, additional coverage options, is waiting for you at Near East Bank.

The advantages of
General Health Insurance

Insurance age is minimum 0 and maximum 64.
It is a type of health insurance in which the individual can be present alone or together with the elementary family consisting of mothers, fathers, unmarried children (including adopted children).
Premiums can be paid annually in advance or can be split into installments in various ways.
Any health expenses (whether or not diagnosed and / or treated) related to existing ailments / diseases existing before the policy start date and not declared are excluded.
Premiums are determined within the framework of criterias such as age, gender of the insured, product scope, performance, changes in the Health Service Tariff, changes in the prices of health institutions.
Insured who renew their policy for 3 years from the beginning of the policy, each insured in the policy is evaluated separately and may be entitled to receive a Guaranteed Lifetime Renewal as a result of the evaluation. After the Guaranteed Lifetime Ren
Maternity packages are only sold as Family packages.
There is a waiting period of 6 months from the date the policy is active.

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General Health Insurance

  • It will be sufficient to visit our nearest branch and sign the relevant transaction document.
  • After your application is completed, the Near East Bank Customer Representative will return to you.
  • You can apply for the insurance immediately and complete your transactions easily. You can easily apply from our Call Center at 444 0 632, WhatsApp line 0542 880 06 32, Internet Banking, Near East Mobile, Near East Bank Facebook page, by contacting us on or from our branches.

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