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Your cash is always in your pocket
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With 5 different features, we offer our credit cards that respond to all our customers' installments with or without installments. If it is the end of the month and your cash is not enough, you can use it as both credit card and debit card immediately and earn points. You can have a free plane ticket with the points you earn.

You can apply to Debit Card by clicking the Apply Now link, and you can make your application without going to the branch.

If you are not a customer of Near East Bank yet, just visit the nearest Near East Bank Branch!

The features of
CardPlus Debit Card

You can use your Debit Card to withdraw money from your current TL account from our ATM points without waiting in line.
You can access your current account 24/7 from our ATMs and CardPlus ATMs.
By defining more than one current account on your card, you can have the opportunity to withdraw money from your desired account.
You can easily shop from CardPlus POS.

Things to know about
CardPlus Debit Card

  • Original and photocopy of ID Card or Passport
  • Residence document or official document registered on behalf of the customer (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.)
  • Income certificate (depending on company approval documents and 3-year financial data if its own business)

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