Letter of Guarantee

Guarantee everything about your business with
Letter of Guarantee

These are the letters of guarantee issued in favor of real persons or legal entities residing in TRNC or abroad, which guarantee that the delivery of a good or the transaction of the business will be carried out within the specified period and in accordance with the determined conditions, otherwise the compensation amount will be paid by the bank without any conditions.

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The features of
Letter of Guarantee

If it is considered that the letters of guarantee given for continuing works, such as agency guarantee, are renewed with the same conditions, a letter of instruction to extend the term is received from the counter-guarantee supervisor.
If our client participating in the tender fails to win the tender, the Tender Letter of Guarantee will automatically become null.
When the bank is duly notified over acceptor administration that "the tender has been won by the letter beneficiary,'' guarantees the beneficiary's committments of;
Giving performance guarantee,
Signing the contract,
Complying with the relevant laws and specifications.

Things to know about
Letter of Guarantee

  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Corporation ByLaw
  • Company Approval Set (not more than 3 months)
  • Company partners, secretary and director identity copies
  • Company balance sheet and trial balance (last 3 years)
  • Signing the request form for the Central Bank Risk Inquiry
  • Board of Directors Decision
  • If a real estate mortgage is to be taken, the photocopy of the Real Estate Deed
  • If a vehicle pledge is to be taken, a photocopy of the Vehicle Deed
  • Right after the necessary documents are signed and submitted to the Near East Bank Customer Respresentative, you will be informed about your application within a week.
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