Privacy Policy

Near East Bank Ltd. always attach importance on to keep all of the data and information trustful that takes place in institutional wealth and that includes in strategic targets. Our bank always show sensitivity on costumer privacy and protection of private data and appropriate for legal legislations. However, with this approachement, every single measures are taken.

In order to the use of institutional website that as shown as and the access and use of Near East Bank Internet Branch will signify that you accepted the terms and conditions below.

Every single information that shared in privacy policy are essential for the shared datas in web. Our website includes access to other webs by links but Our bank will not be reponsible for any inconvenience of the connections that have the access with işbu. Our Privacy Policy, includes other webistes that leads you manually.

Apart from the datas of third parties, all of the materials and datas belongs to the Near East Bank Ltd. with authors royalties and intellectual property rights. Nothing can be copied or used. İnformations are always up to date without any action of pre breifing.

Near East Bank will not be responsible for any unexpected attempt of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages that because of using the informations on our website.

Our bank uses the personal details of customers to keep the satisfaction high and render a service as rich as possible. Which will expedite the utilisation and work on special enquiries and points of personal interests.

Our bank has taken all provisions for the personal and private informations that filled on equiry and application forms. Those datas are all even limited with inclusive operators of Near East Bank Ltd. And informations will never be exposed without any approval from customer or in the emergency of legal proccess.

Near East Bank Ltd. sentimentalizes on to protect its privarcy terms and conditions in the case of cooperating with different establishments for their running projects.

Our bank will not be responsible for any unexpected obstructions and technical problems that originated from the software, hardware or unit software errors while the site is in use.

The Website is also under strong protection for possible virsuses, vicious hardware and softwares that may harm. So the system and internet background and substructure are always delicate and safe. Additively, customers that uses the website should take measures for themselves.

In the case of negligence of self privacy that may cause problems or reasons, customers will be in charge of the situation. By the reason of possible enviromental and self privacy failures of users, or third party issues that resulted as errors, Near East Bank Ltd will not be in charge or reponsible for any unfavourable acts as noted above.