Emergency Health Insurance
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In Unexpected Siturations
Emergency Health Insurance

Book an Emergency Health Insurance, do not be caught up unpreapred to the urgent ailments you may confront in your daily life.

Due to Emergency Health Insurance, with monthly premiums starting from 175 TL., we cover your health expenses such as first intervention, first short stay, hospitalization, surgery etc. in necessary urgent situtations.

With all contracted and non-contracted institutions, we guarantee your health by providing modern services under all conditions and we do not leave your side.

Things to know about
Emergency Health Insurance

  • It will be sufficient to visit our nearest branch and sign the relevant transaction document.
  • Anyone who resides in TRNC between the ages of 2-70 can get an Emergency Health Insurance.
  • A health declaration and disclosure form will be taken before the insurance policy is issued.
  • The policy period is 1 year.
  • In policies canceled due to death, the premium is returned.
  • Payment can be made by making an advance or credit card installment.
  • Personal Accident Cover (Death and Permanent Disability) will be available in addition to the Urgent Care Insurance policy.
  • Assistance service will be provided to our policy holders by Near East Bank Office.
  • Policies will be supported 24/7 by the call center in Turkish, English and German.
  • Emergency Health Insurance is valid in in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey limits.
  • The insured or beneficiary will not be entitled to take back the costs directly paid by him/her without the information of Near East Bank, until the insured's consciousness is closed until he is opened, and if he is open, within maximum 48 hours.
  • After your application is completed, the Near East Bank Customer Representative will return to you.
  • You can apply for the insurance immediately and complete your transactions easily. You can easily apply from our Call Center at 444 0 632, WhatsApp line 0542 880 06 32, Internet Banking, Near East Mobile, Near East Bank Facebook page, by contacting us on iletisim@neareastbank.com or from our branches.

 Apply to Emergency Health Insurance,
do not get caught up unpreapred to urgent ailments.

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