Current TL Account

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Current TL Account

Everything that is valuable to you is also valuable to us. Discover our valued bank deposit products. You can use Current TL Account for all your transactions such as cash drawing, money transfer, EFT, card payments, bill payments and regular payments. If you are not a customer of Near East Bank yet, just visit the nearest Near East Bank Branch.

The Advantages of
Current TL Account

When you open Current TL Account, you can have DebitCard.
You can withdraw cash from NEB ATMs or other CardPlus ATMs at any time.
You can direct your salary to our bank, and withdraw cash at our nearest branch at any time.
With 17 ATMs across the country, you can withdraw cash from your account 24 hours a day.
You can quickly perform all your banking transactions such as money transfer, EFT and international money transfer transactions between your accounts or to different accounts.
You can give automatic payment orders depending on your current accounts for your bills to be paid regularly and make your life easier.

Things to know about
Current TL Account

  • Identity card
  • Certificate of residence
  • Right after the necessary documents are signed and submitted to the Near East Bank Customer Respresentative, your application will be made instantly.
  • Our bank does not accept deposits or participation funds from domestic residents on behalf of its branches, headquarters and companies abroad or other banks or non-bank financial institutions.
  • Savings deposits in banks are covered by the Savings Deposit Insurance and Financial Stability Fund insurance, up to EUR 20,000,- (Twenty Thousand Euros) for each account as of June 1, 2005.

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