Trading Hours

Detailed information about EFT, Foreign Currency transfer, MoneyGram and the transaction hours of many transactions.

EFT transactions can be carried out from our branches until 15:00 and by using our Internet Banking until 16:00 on the same day. Domestic Money Transfer Transactions can be carried out at our Branches and Internet Banking until 14:30 in accordance with the working and transaction hours of the TRNC Central Bank.

(EFT orders given after 16:00 on weekdays, on weekends or public holidays will be executed on the first working day following the transaction.)

For Foreign Exchange Transfer Transactions, you can get information from our branches as they vary according to the cut off hours.

Moneygram transactions are carried out by transferring them to the Moneygram system at the time of the transaction, together with the receipt of the receipt, and therefore can be made during the box office working hours.

Since a payment transaction other than these transactions will also be a money transfer; Depending on the nature of the payment transaction, it will be subject to the above periods.