Agricultural Support Loan
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Do not stop your productions with your Agricultural Support Loan.

Near East Bank offers the Agricultural Support Loan to encourage the continuation of agricultural activities in our country and to support the couple to meet the necessary needs for their production.

Agricultural Support Loan prepared with a maximum maturity option of up to 12 months and a disbursement amount up to 100,000 TL; There will be financing for the short-term cash needs of your business for the seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and / or post-harvest harvest and marketing activities that your business needs before the harvest / harvest period.

What are the advantages of
Agricultural Support Loan?

12 months maximum maturity
The maximum utilization amount of 100.000 TL.
Easy to buy seeds, fertilizers and pesticides
Possibility to make interim payments whenever you want
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15.000 TL 20.000 TL 25.000 TL

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Things to know about
Agricultural Support Loan

  • The original and photocopy of the ID card or passport of the applicant and guarantors.
  • Field declaration of import and / or ownership.
  • Department of Agriculture and / or land products declaration.
  • Certificate of residence or official document registered on behalf of the customer (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.).
  • Income certificate
  • Certificate of Obligation (Tax Board),
  • Signature Circulars,
  • A set of approval from the Company's Authority (dated 15 days)
  • The above documents will also be requested from the guarantors in cases where a surety is required.

We deliver the required documents to the Near East Bank Customer Representative and return to you within 1 week from the moment you sign the documents.

Loan Type
Interest Rate
Filing Fee
Stamp Fee
Spot Loan
12 Months
  • Stamp cost
  • File expense
  • Risk investigation fee will be paid in advance.
  • According to age, annual or all cash life insurance is mandatory.

Are you interested in Agricultural Support Loan?
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Are you interested in Agricultural Support Loan?
calculate now.

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