Salary Advance Personal Loan
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Consumer loan specially for those who
direct their salaries to Near East Bank

All private sector and public sector employees who direct their salaries to Near East Bank are offered a highly advantageous interest rate starting from 2.25% with the Salary-Advance Personal Loan. Meet your needs for cash with the Salary Based Consumer Loan, and also benefit from the Health Insurance gift starting from a coverage amount of 35,000 TL up to unlimited coverage.

Near East Bank's Salary-Advance Consumer Loan offers you special advantages with a 72-month maturity option, special interest rate, and a gift of Health Insurance. With our salary advance personal loan, we are always by your side.

Features of
Salary Advance Personal Loan

Special Interest Rate
Quick Approval Process
72 months maturity
Health Insurance gift
Apply for
15.000 TL 20.000 TL 25.000 TL

What you need to know about the
Salary Advance Personal Loan

  • Provide a solution to your need for cash with Special Interest Rate.
  • Access your loan easily with a quick approval process.
  • Pay your installments without worrying with the maturity option up to 72 months.
  • Receive quality healthcare service with Health Insurance Gift
  • Original and copy of ID card or passport
  • Residence document or an official document registered in the customer's name (such as an electricity or municipality water bill, etc.)
  • Income Document regarding
    - Public and Institutional Salaries
    - Pensions
    - Municipal Salaries
    - Private Sector Salaries Other Than Near East Group Companies

    The above documents will also be requested from guarantors.

    Within the framework of the Consumer Credit Law (Law No. 31/2020);
    - Consumers Loan Preliminary Information Form (Annex 1)
    - Installment Loan Payment Plan (Annex 2)
    will be delivered to the customer upon signature indicating delivery.
Maturity Filing Expenses Interest Rate
0-12 2% 45,00%
13-24 46,00%
25-36 47,00%
37-48 48,00%
49-60 -
61-72 -
  • After submitting the required documents to the Near East Bank Customer Representative and signing the documents, we will get back to you within 1 week. To benefit from this product, you can apply for it right away and easily complete your transactions. You can easily submit your applications from all our branches, through our website, Internet and Mobile Banking, our Facebook page, our Call Center at 444 0 632, or our WhatsApp line at 0542 880 06 32.
  • Internet and Mobile Banking
  • @neareastbank on our Facebook page
  • 444 0 632 Call Center
  • 0542 880 06 32 WhatsApp line

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Maaştan İhtiyaç kredisi ile ilgileniyor musunuz?
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