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A Financial Solution When it Comes to New Year Needs
New Year Loan from Near East Bank

To prepare for your dreams and needs today, the New Year Loan, prepared with a personalized payment plan, is waiting for you with suitable interest rates, a 36-month term, a 3-month deferment option, and a 1 million TL disbursement amount that you can use for short-term needs, gift shopping, and emergency cash needs.

Lucky individuals among those who apply for the New Year Loan Campaign will receive surprise gifts through a draw. As part of the campaign, 5 couples will receive a New Year's Eve dinner and accommodation at the Mimoza Beach Hotel, 5 couples at the Dorana Hotel, and 5 couples at the Park Palace Hotel! In addition, 5 people will receive a dinner for two at Kebap House, Nicosia's new taste destination, and 10 people will receive a Lenovo Tablet through a draw.

The New Year Loan also takes care of your health, and customers who receive a Loan of 25,000 TL or more will also receive Affordable Health Insurance as a gift! The deadline for application for the campaign is December 22, 2023.

Apply for the Near East Bank New Year Loan and pay in 2024.

Features of
New Year Loan

Up to 36 months term
Quick approval
New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner and hotel reservation for 15 couples and a tablet
1,000,000 TL Disbursement Amount
Affordable Health Insurance Gift
Apply for
15.000 TL 20.000 TL 25.000 TL

Things to know about
New Year Loan

These are the documents required for all loans. They are also required from guarantors.

a) Original of the Identity Card or passport of the applicant and guarantors, along with a photocopy.

b) Residence certificate or an official document registered in the customer's name (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.).

c) Income statement

d) Within the framework of the Consumer Loan Law (Law No. 31/2020);

o Consumer Loan Pre-Information Form (Annex 1)

o Installment Loan Payment Plan (Annex 2)
It will be delivered to the customer with a signature as proof of delivery.

After delivering the required documents to the Near East Bank Customer Representative, we will get back to you within 1 week from the time you sign the documents.

Maturity Filing Expenses Interest Rate
0-12 2% 45,00%
13-24 46,00%
25-36 47,00%
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  • @neareastbank Facebook page
  • 444 0 632 Call Center
  • 0542 880 06 32 WhatsApp line

Are you interested in New Year Loan?
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Are you interested in New Year Loan?
Calculate now.

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Apply for the New Year Loan now and win
a hotel stay and dinner gift for the New Year.

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