Near East University Hospital

The Near East University Training and Research hospital has been established on the campus of Near East University, Nicosia, North Cyprus. Within its future-oriented structure, it serves patients from all over the world. The hospital’s state-of-art infrastructure, experienced medical and support staff and unmatched technology that is used to facilitate the medical services are at international standards only found at a few of its western counterparts.

The NEU Hospital was planned and established as a patient-centered institution where utmost convenience is provided for patients. The international standards acclaimed by highly regarded institutions such as the Joint Comission International (JCI) have been adopted in advance as one of the fundamental aims of estabishment was to become a world-class medical center.

It covers a 55,000 square-meter closed area with 209 private, single patient rooms, 8 operating theatres, 30-bed Intensive Care Unit, 17-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a laboratory where a wide array of tests can be carried out, and a cutting-edge diognostic imaging center.

To fulfil the diverse needs of the patients coming from overseas countries, an “International Patient Coordination Center” has been established. This unit is in charge of making all the necessary arrangements and coordination facilities concerned with all the transfers and treatment process of international patients during their stay in North Cyprus. Furthermore, whenever necessary, patients are provided with translation facilities so that they can carry out communication in their own languages at every stage of their stay in North Cyprus. The Centre also arranges tours and social activities within the country to make patients enjoy their time out the of the treatment process. The fundamental objective of the Centre is to offer the best possible service to patients and at the end of their stay in the hospital of NEU, to send the patients back their homes as healthy and happy individuals.

The Near East University boasts with many “Firsts” in Cyprus. The NEU Hospital’s achievements are;

  • The first and only private university hospital.
  • The first and only high-tech Radiotheraphy Center (Rapid Arc Technology).
  • The first and only PET/CT.
  • The first and only reference laboratory where all medical tests can be performed.
  • The first and only HIS, RIS and LIS digital computer systems.
  • The first and only air-jet ambulance.

As for the relations between our aims and our location, we are living on one of the most fabulous islands of the world, one which stands in the heart of Eastern Mediterranean, one that has been a place of settlement and centre of interest for several civilizations during history. Living on an island where several civilizations met and left their traces means witnessing to historical changes and developments of humanity throughout the phases of history. This is why Cyprus has been a centre of interest of several civilizations during history. Living on an island means generating a distinctive culture and distinctive social characteristic. As a result of this and in the light of the historical responsibility assumed, the Near East University aimed to make the island a centre of attraction in medical and educational terms for people living in North Cyprus and for people of different cultures living in other countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

By all means, our very first priority was to serve to our own people, however, as health care was a matter of exigency for all human beings, we had to expand our services and promises in accordance with the needs and requirements of people. In this regard, our very first objective is to provide the best possible health care and service to both our people and to those who live abroad but suffer from illnesses and wish to benefit from our health services.

As part of our mission, we had to pay the utmost regard to health problems encountered by Turkish Cypriots. We are well aware of the problems they encounter during their seek for medical help, especially in overseas countries. In this regard, the first priority of our fundamental aim was to serve to our own citizens in their medical needs. Thus, we built up and equipped our hospital by using the most advanced technological devices and systems in accordance with the contemporary European standards, and employed the specialist doctors and health staff in order to offer the best possible health service to our people.