Near East Technology

Near East Technology is a member of the Near East Group, which carries a higher growth rate consistently with their investments and successful studies.

Near East Bank’s Technology was based on the foundations of the Informations Technology Team, with the past experience and following the future structures of Near East Bank, developing competitive products and Bank’s information technology structure.

Near East Technology, which is established with the core team of Near East Bank Information Technologies Department, provides technological service to the Near East Group affiliates with its strong institutional structure and high level service understanding and also supports our customers to make difference in their sectors by producing correct solutions according to the changing needs in the direction of requests from our external customers, we aim to develop quality products and systems that can use all of their potential.

With the experience and innovative perspective of the qualified personnel of the technology field and the connections with the international technological companies, we continue to work without compromising our corporate values and quality understanding in ensuring the establishment of the right technological products and systems that will enable our customers to use the new technologies in the best way and speed up their work.