Dorana Tourism

Dorana Tourism is one of the three establishments which carry out activities within the structure of the Near East Tourism and Travel Enterprises. It is a contemporary, dynamic and experienced tourism agency active in internal and external facilities in the field of tourism. Dorana Tourism, which undertakes the mission to bring new varieties of tourism in TRNC on sustainable basis, is taking important steps to develop “professional congress organization” concept in Cyprus to form the image of Congress Tourism in the country. Dorana tourism has implemented conference organizations with many international congresses resonated world widely by bringing thousands of scientists to Cyprus from more than hundred countries. In addition, Dorana Tourism also organizes "Summer School / Language School" programs for students. Besides, Dorana Tourism strives to participate in medical tourism emerging as a rapidly-growing sector relevant to travelling across international borders to obtain health care. By combining the historical and cultural heritage of Cyprus with the healthcare services provided by 36 departments of the Hospital of Near East University at international standards and terms, Dorana Tourism provides healthcare package programs for the patients seeking treatment abroad mainly in cancer, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, dental surgery, eye surgery, orthopedics and plastic surgery.

Dorana Tourism offers ultra-modern facilities with superior staff and with a massive service. Domestic and International hotel reservations, cultural tours, special interest tours, business tours, aircraft and ship tickets can be also obtained with the most favorable prices at our General Directorate, at the Central Office in Gönyeli and at the campus office located within the Near East University. We offer special installment payments for Card-plus Campus Card.

Dorana Tourism Agency provides customers with a qualified and reliable service. The flight tickets of the following airlines are available with favorable price at our offices: Turkish Airlines ,Pegasus, Onur Air, Atlas jet and other world's leading airlines such as Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Delta airlines, Alitalia and Air France. Tickets for Fergün Maritime are also available.

Owing to our high quality service and contemporary client-centered approach, we are the first choice of individual and institutional clients including many reputable companies.