Board Member and Company Secretary
Kazım Olgu

Kazım Olgu, who graduated from Nicosia English School in 1953, completed the Cyprus Certificate exams between 1951-1952 and received his Higher Accounting diploma from the London Chamber of Commerce in 1956.

He served as a Second Class Auditor between 1953-1963. He pioneered the establishment of the Cyprus Audit Office in 1964 and worked there until 1969. Between 1969 and 1972, he worked in the Treasury and Accounting Department as a Senior Finance Officer, and during this time he established the Internal Audit Branch and became the Branch Manager.

He was appointed as Assistant Manager in the Treasury and Accounting Department in 1972 and received the title of Manager in the same Department in 1979. He was appointed as the Director of the Revenue and Tax Office between 1980-1988. Kazım Olgu, who worked as an accounting manager in a private company between 1989-1991, between 1991-1996. Industry Bank Ltd. He served as the General Manager.

1996 – 2002 Near East Bank Ltd. He has served as the General Manager of Near East Bank Ltd. since 2002. He continues to serve as a Board Member and Company Secretary.

Kazım Olgu, who was born in 1935 in Geziveren, is fluent in English and Greek languages; He is married and has three children.