Bayram Loan
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Bayram Loan
from Near East Bank that adds flavour to Bayram

Our Bayram Loan Campaign specific to the Ramadan Feast has started to meet your increasing needs quickly and easily!

The Bayram Loan, prepared with easy payment options, starting from a monthly interest rate of 4.08%, and with a term of up to 36 months, offers a fast solution to your needs. The application deadline for the Bayram Loan, which offers lending up to 1,000,000 TL, is April 9, 2024.

Among our customers who use the loan, 15 people will be selected through a draw and receive a double occupancy hotel accommodation as a gift during the holiday! Accommodation for 2 nights will be yours on the 1st and 2nd nights of Bayram at the Mimoza Beach Hotel, Dorana Hotel or Park Palace Hotel... The gifts do not end here. In addition to accommodation, dinner for two at Kebab House will be gifted to 5 people, and 5 people will receive a shopping voucher worth 2000 TL as well!

Don't miss out the gifts that will provide you with the opportunity to experience an unforgettable feast holiday by savouring the beach with the smell of the sea while having your breakfast outdoor with the arrival of Spring either by staying in the peaceful and comfortable rooms of Mimoza Beach Hotel located on the beach of Yeniboğaziçi-Famagusta, the most beautiful coast of Cyprus, or by having a peaceful stay in Kyrenia's rising stars Dorana Hotel and Park Palace Hotel, within the historical texture of the city, accompanied by unique flavours.

Additionally, 5 people will receive a dinner for two from Kebab House and 5 people will receive a shopping voucher worth 2000 TL as a gift!

What are its features?

Maturity up to 36 months
Low Interest, Fast Approval
Through a draw
Gift of double occupancy 2 nights and 3 days stay for 15 people
Dinner for two and a shopping voucher worth 2000 TL for 5 people as a gift
Apply for
15.000 TL 20.000 TL 25.000 TL

Regarding the Bayram Loan
Things that you want to know

  • Solve your urgent cash needs with our low-interest loan option.
  • Easily access your loan with a quick approval process.
  • Pay your instalments without worrying, with a term option of up to 36 months.
  • Take advantage of the hotel accommodation gift campaign during Bayram.
  • Photocopy of the identity card or passport of the applicant and guarantors, taken in the presence of the original.
  • Residence certificate or official document registered in the customer's name (electricity or municipal water bill, etc.).
  • Income certificate
  • Under the Consumer Credit Law (Law No. 31/2020);
    - Consumer Loan Preliminary Information Form (Annex 1)
    - Instalment Loan Payment Plan (Annex 2)
       will be delivered to the customer upon signature for receipt.
Maturity Amount Loan Processing Fee Interest Rate
0-12 Max. 1,000,000 TL
13-24 50.00%
25-36 51.00%
  • Internet and Mobile Banking
  • @neareastbank on our Facebook page
  • 444 0 632 Call Center
  • 0542 880 06 32 WhatsApp line

Your Bayram Loan that will make your Bayram
colourful and full of joy

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